1. John Paul I with cardinal Wojtyla (Cordon Press)


2. Doctor Da Ros, John Paul I´s personal doctor, testimony details, delivered to the magazine 30 Giorni (1993) after fifteen years of silence.


The doctor who visited three times the pope speaks up for first time: “I talked with him two hour before his death: everything was normal”. Some theories describing an ill and abandoned Luciani are dismantled.

Visits were carried out every fifteen days. And in Rome, after his election?. We phoned him to his out-patients clinic in Vitorio Veneto, and the doctor confirms: “I visited him three times. I talked with him by phone the night of September the 28 th . Phone me to morrow and I will be more precise about dates”. He was on time the next day.

Doctor Da Ros, when did you visit pope Luciani?

ANTONIO DA ROS: On Sunday September the 3 rd , the day of the impressive initiation of his pontificate, after the audience granted to Vitorio Veneto´s pilgrims, I saw him, I measure his tension and I made to him the habitual controls. I then came back to the Vatican on Tuesday September the 13 th , and after the visit I assisted to the general audience.

I think that even the Television recorded me, because some of my patients recognized me and they understood why I was not in the clinic. The third and last time I visited him was the Saturday September the 23 rd and he invited me to have dinner with him. I have some notes to that respect, but I think that it is also included in the Vatican record, since a car came to the airport to take me to the pontifical apartment.

Three visits in a month. About the last one even the pope talks, saying to sister Vicenza the 28 th of September: “The...

….. a medicine was prescribed to the Pope, the Vatican pharmacy was urgently open and Luciani died due to a mistake in the dose?

DA ROS: This is another of the falsehoods built around John Paul I´s death. That evening I did not prescribe him any medicine at all, five days before I had seen him, and, what respects to me, everything was all right. My phone call was routinely, nobody phoned me. I did not intend to ask for the documentation to the Phone Society: this would show that the call to Rome was initiated in Vitorio Veneto and not in Rome


3. Manuscript in Vida Nueva (1985) and book Reckoning will be requested (1990).


4. Unlike the first text (5-10-1985), the other two (9 and 16-11-1985) reflect the pressures on Vida Nueva . Pilar Bellosillo informed to Cardinal Pironio.

Last September the 29 th seven years were accomplished from the moment in which Father Magee found Pope John Paul I dead, with the light lit and as if were still reading. Several hypotheses have been presented from that moment, about his premature disappearance. Presently, after all these years, we can say that there is some coincidence of data, although there is not any official investigation. Present manuscript does not intend to be neither a definitive contribution, nor to position at the level of the sensationalists best sellers , but to offer a very respectable position of a Church´s man, the priest Jesús López Sáez , who is integrated into the Episcopal Conference Adults Catechesis Department. Jesús López takes special care, especially in the second part of this manuscript, to sit the problem in Church´s history and to improve Pope Luciani´s brief and mysterious figure. In the meanwhile, John Paul I´s mystery continues open to new contributions, that let's hope that some day will be endorsed by a serious legal investigation….

The publication of the manuscript in VIDA NUEVA, in the seventh anniversary of his death, “John Paul I´s mystery” , written by pries Jesús López Sáez (num. 1.497, 5-X-1985), has raised perplexity and pain among our readers. We also have he evidence that it has provoked pain, that VIDA NUEVA really has not desired at all, in the high authorities of the Church, to whom directly or indirectly the manuscript refers to. Since that report is fundamentally a tight summary of David A. Yallop´s “best seller” In the name of God, it is necessary to publish the following critical judgement of this polemic book, already in its sixth Spanish edition, that, with no doubt will help the readers to make up a right criterion about such a delicate and, at first sight, incredible matter.

The other jails

A brief poem from an anonymous and prisoner author was delivered with a handshake through the bars of a Uruguayan jail. It says like follows:

Sometimes it rains, and I love you

Sometimes it is sunny, and I love you

It, sometimes, is a jail, and I love you

I always love you

They are, of course, verses of a non-professional poet, to whom the silence and the loneliness, far from driving him in the bitterness, have awakened in him, besides of the gift of the poetic suggestion, a creative and positive spirit.

In this week's manuscript we talk about the jail and its problems. But we many times have to learn from those behind the bars to live the gift of interior jail. Because there are injustice and oppressor jails; but the worst ones are those that we manufacture ourselves with a stupefied society that prevents the expression of our spontaneous and natural way of being; that, in one word, prevent us from being ourselves.

The guilt complex still is plentiful, the fear to what the others say, the mind rachitic, the manipulation of all fields of life by those who are in power. This jailed poet has, at least, to be free for a minute and to jump to the infinite space of everybody's truth, the poetry. At least he knows that he is in jail and he flied. There are so many that are in jail without knowing it!

Pedro Miguel LAMET


5. Cardinal Pironio

6. Pilar Bellosillo


7. Letter to cardinal Pironio (24-12-1990))

Let's Mary

announce to Jesús

“our Peace”.

My omen and prayer

E. Card. Pironio

To Jesus Lopez with my

Gratitude and my blessing

In Christ and Mary St.

Christmas 1992






8. Christmas greetings from cardinal Pironio.


9. Camilo Bassotto, newspaperman and John Paul I´s personal friend, main witness of the Venetian source about pope Luciani.


10. Religious persons working in the State Secretary in 1977 and 1978


11. OP issue, from Mino Pecorelli, about the Great Vatican Lodge (12-9-1978)



12. Assumed masons list (OP, 12-9-1978).


13. Mino Pecorelli´s article, in which he announces the assassination of the new pope (OP, 12-9-1978), after a brief and tempestuous pontificate.


14. Mino Pecorelli´s enigmatic article about Pope John Paul I´s health and about the changes he pretended to carry out. (OP, 26-9-1978)


They are super trained policies, who, b esides, can speak several languages

Without breaking Pontiff's intimacy, even his sleep's





15. The pope in Mexico (January 1979), surrounded by policies. One of John Paul II´s first decisions was to create a modern security force; a total of 25 policemen, all armed and perfectly trained: His Holiness Secret Service (YA, 8-4-1979) .



16. Attempt against John Paul II in Saint Peter´s square (13-5-1981) Reuters/Cordon Press


17. Roberto Calve, Ambrosian Bank President, member of the lodge P2 and Sidona´s successor in the Vatican finances, was found hung from London bridge on 18-6-1982. The corpse photograph went around the world.


18. Von Balthasar believes a private revelation (“Privatoffenbarung”) Sister Erika's vision


19. Photocopy of one of the documents about Ruiz Mateos bank transfer to the Opus Dei (El País, 23-6-1986) .


20. John Paul II in the Palacio de la Moneda balcony with Augusto Pinochet in Chile (1987). Reuters/Cordon Press.


21. El Salvador's USA ex Ambassador, Robert E. White strong denunciations (YA, 4-2-84)

Ultra rightist D´Aubisson would had ordered his killing

Reagan hid Monsignor Romero assassination proofs

The ex US ambassador, Robert E. White, removed from office by Washington in 1981, ensures that there are eyewitnesses of the complot against the Archbishop

NEW YORK. Gustavo Valverde

Reagan's Government hid the proofs that it had about El Salvador catholic archbishop assassination, Oscar Romero. Washington had the whole evidence that the present candidate to El Salvador Presidency, the ultra rightist Roberto D´Aubuisson, ordered the killing of the bishop, who was shot to death while he was celebrating an Eucharist in March 1980.

The allegations come from the US ex ambassador, Robert E. White, who was ceased by Reagan when reaching the Presidency in January 1981. The El Salvador leader d´Aubisson has repeatedly denied his participation in the prelate's assassination.

Nevertheless, the ex Ambassador White has ensured that the US received an account from eyewitnesses which took part in the complot against the archbishop on March the 22 nd 1980.

Ex Ambassador White allegations are included in a declaration he will do before the Foreign Relations Committee of the Representatives Chamber. In it, the testimony of one witness who participated together with one dozen people in the assassination “plan”. D´Aubisson supervised the plans and gave specific instructions for the archbishop's execution. Reagan's Government has maintained in secrecy for three years the evidence that it has about the conspiracy and it knows the banes of the Salvadorian exiles who are presently living in Miami, Florida, and who lead the so called “death squadrons”, with funds, dirty money and other supports.

Ex Ambassador White declaration in the House of Representatives Committee is expected soon. It has been delayed due to the present debate about Lebanon, other of the focus of attention which confronts Reagan's Administration in the face of this year presidential elections.

Aid to Central America.

A meeting with Congress top leaders and the Latin American diplomats was yesterday held by President Reagan in the White House, to announce the economic and military aid to Central America. Reagan has proposed to double the aid to this region, in consonance with the “Kissinger commission” report. The President has also reaffirmed his opposition to the leftist and revolutionary movements and has, at the same time, defended that he will support social progress and respect to the human rights in the region. The figures of the aid announced by Washington talk of an amount about 3.479 million dollars for 1984 and 1985, from which more than one thousand million will precisely go to El Salvador. Kissinger commission proposed 8.400 millions of economic help for the next five years, but the military matter may take another 16.000 million dollars for that period too. Reagan has insisted in the urgency to persist in the eradication of the leftist and the rightist extremisms.

The President, after his initial eclecticism about the human rights aspect in that region and the subordination of the aid to the accomplishment of the democratic precepts, has offered a compromise to Congress, where democrat sector is strong, so that Washington help be side by side with real progress in this field.

Warning to Managua

In other parallel development on Central America, State Secretary, George Shultz, delivered in Caracas, Venezuela, during his present Ibero American tour, a new warning to the Nicaragua Sandinista regime. Nicaragua leaders, he said, must keep in mind the possibility of a US intervention in his country, which only depends upon his own behaviour.

Shultz's warning is related to Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega affirmations who has manifested that Kissinger commission report contains a secret clause in which the use of American force against his country and against leftist guerrillas is contemplated.

It is also spoken about a guerrilla group with ETA participation

Monsignor Romero assassination could have been carried out by a guerrilla group with the participation of members of ETA, was yesterday reported in San Jose de Costa Rica.

Daily newspaper “La Nación” publishes an interview with the ex commander Pedro Lobo, of he El Salvador Farabundo Martí Front (FMLN) in which he ensures that “archbishop assassination was planned and executed to create a new martyr in El Salvador.

Ex commander Lobo holds that he was witness and that he participated in several meetings where archbishop assassination was analyzed.

Nevertheless, he denies to be the one taking the decision, “that was adopted by a council in which Cayetano Carpio and Melida Amaya (both violently dead last year in Managua) were present, at the same time that other persons belonging at that time to the FMLN such as Joaquin Valladares”.

“One of those persons who participated in Monsignor Romero assassination – according to Lobo declarations – was a woman from ETA, who travels through the region dressed like a female religious, and uses the pseudonym of “Dominica”, who has carried out many visits to Costa Rica, accompanied by other ETA members.



22. Ronald Reagan and John Paul II in Miami (1987). Timepix/Cordon Press


23. John Paul II in front of Swiss Guard commandant (Alois Estermann), his wife (Gladys Meza) and the vice corporal (Cédric Tornay). Reuters/Cordon Press


24. Colon's tumour in pope's intestine drawings (ABC, 15 and 16-7-1992).


25. John Paul II in the Gemelli hospital before come back to Vatican
(13-3-2005). Reuters/Cordon Press.


26. Last time John Paul II appears in their vatican apartment window (30-3-2005). Reuters/Cordon Press.


27. Ratzinger cardinal, nowadays Benedicto XVI, incense John Paul II bier. Over it, the evangiles have been closed by the wind. Reuters/Cordon Press.


28. Bush president and two more expresidents, his father and Clinton, in front of John Paul II corpse. Reuters/Cordon Press.